Passport RUSH Service

If you require a Passport in a timeframe that is shorter than our normal process, we offer expedited service via Federal Express. Please, read and follow these instructions to ensure that you get your passport in the least amount of time possible:

1. A request to have a passport produced as a matter of urgency, please note that an on-line courier (FEDEX) SERVICE can be facilitated within a (48) hours service at a Rush Fee of $200.

2. Applicants are responsible for the courier shipping fees from Nassau to the consulate and from the consulate to be return to the applicant’s destination.

3. Applicants should go to and make payment with a credit card for the shipping cost; the airway bill which should be printed and accompany their application, along with the required documents during enrollment.

4. Notice: All photo-copies of documents and photos forwarded to the Consulate must be in color for verification purposes.

5. For further information applicants should contact the Consulate.