The Consulate General of The Bahamas supports Bahamian citizens living within the United States with passport renewals and new passport applications.

Passport Application
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Passport RUSH Service

The above passport application and guides may be downloaded as a single PDF file below:

Passport Application (including application and photo guides)
If you are planning a trip to The Bahamas for business or pleasure, the Consulate General of The Bahamas can assist you in determining whether you will require a visa, and, if you do, then we can help you to acquire a visa to visit our shores..

Visa Application Form
Visa Requirements
Visa Requirements by Country
Overseas Voters 
Bahamian Law permits Bahamian citizens living abroad to participate in local elections under certain circumstances.

If you are a citizen of The Bahamas and would like to exercise your right to vote, then the Consulate General of The Bahamas can assist you.

Form: Overseas Voter Registration
Notice: Overseas Voter Registration
Legal documents for use in The Bahamas must be authenticated by the Embassy or a Bahamian Consulate, or by means of an APOSTILLE issued by the Secretary of State. (This only applies to countries which have signed the Hague Convention on Documents.) If the document has an APOSTILLE attached, no action is required by the Embassy and the document may be returned to sender.

In the absence of an APOSTILLESTILLE, the document requires notarization by a Consular Officer. These documents must have a notarial certificate issued by the County or Circuit Court Clerk of the administering county. The signature of the County or Circuit Court Clerk certifies the signature of the Notary Public who notarizes the document. If the notarial certificate is not attached, the document must be returned to sender to obtain the certificate.

Authentication Fees

A fee of $20.00 per document is charged to process a document. If the main document is done in duplicate, the second and subsequent copies are $20.00 each. If several copies make up a whole, the main document is $20.00 and the others are $20.00 each. If more that one signature is required on a single document, i.e. there are several certificates attached to the same document, certification of the first signature is $20.00 and each subsequent signature is $10.00.

On occasion, the Embassy is asked to provide a witness to the signing of a document by an individual named in the document. The witnessing fee is $10.00.

When documents are sent to the Embassy to be forwarded to the State Department and then on to another Embassy, in addition to the Embassy’s processing fees, there are additional fees of $8.00 per document for the State Department and $10.00 for each destination to which the document is to be sent. For example there would be a charge of $20.00 processing fee for a document which must first be authenticated by the Embassy, an additional fee of $8.00 for processing by the State Department and a consular fee of $10.00 per destination ($20.00) to forward that document to another Embassy for processing. This does not include the processing fee charged by that Embassy.

It is the responsibility of the individual or law firm sending the documents to verify and provide the authentication charges for the various Embassies in Washington.

Authentication FAQS
Authentication Guide
Authentication Fees
Authentication Procedure
Passport RUSH 
If you require a Passport in a timeframe that is shorter than our normal process, we offer expedited service via Federal Express. Please, read and follow these instructions to ensure that you get your passport in the least amount of time possible:

1. A request to have a passport produced as a matter of urgency, please note that an on-line courier (FEDEX) SERVICE can be facilitated within a (48) hours service at a Rush Fee of $200.

2. Applicants are responsible for the courier shipping fees from Nassau to the consulate and from the consulate to be return to the applicant’s destination.

3. Applicants should go to and make payment with a credit card for the shipping cost; the airway bill which should be printed and accompany their application, along with the required documents during enrollment.

4. Notice: All photo-copies of documents and photos forwarded to the Consulate must be in color for verification purposes.

5. For further information applicants should contact the Consulate.