Consulate Office Info
The Consulate of The Bahamas, Miami Office
25 S.E. 2nd Ave.
Ingraham Building, Suite 600
Miami, FL 33131

Tel: (305) 373-6295
Fax: (305) 373-6312

Hours of Operation:
• Monday–Friday: 9:30am – 2:30pm
• United States & Bahamian Holidays: CLOSED

Mailed in Documents:
• Visas: 7 business days
• Legal Documents: 5 business days

Passport Interviews and Other Consular Services:
Welcome to the Consulate General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas in Miami. The Miami Consulate General Office was established in 1973 and has assisted Bahamians and visitors alike since its conception. Our offices are currently located in metropolitan Downtown Miami, Florida.  The Consulate exercises consular jurisdiction in the following states of the United States of America - Arizona, Colorado, Florida Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

The primary role and function of this office is to provide consular services to Bahamian nationals living in the areas of its jurisdiction, to provide services to visitors from The Bahamas to the Eastern United States of America as may be requested as well as foreign nationals wishing official dialogue with The Bahamas. We also provide diplomatic protocol services for all Ministers of Government and senior government officials.

The Consulate also liaises with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, other Government Departments, public and private sector institutions and entities and implements the policy initiatives of the Government of The Bahamas.

The clientele of the Consulate covers a wide spectrum and includes not only national resident in its jurisdiction but also travelers from The Bahamas (particularly official travelers), foreign nationals seeking interaction with The Bahamas, American individuals and corporate entities as well as The City of Miami, States and other officials.  The specific services range from immigration matters to legal services (notary public), provision of information about The Bahamas, removal of human remains, facilitation of the deportation of criminal deportees, representational functions, hosting of events marking significant national landmarks.

In addition, the Consulate promotes The Bahamas as the preferred destination for investment opportunities, seeks to increase exports of goods and services from The Bahamas to the USA, supports the operations of Bahamian businesses and institutions in the jurisdiction, encourages and supports Bahamian and regional performers, artists, artistes, musicians, dramatists and others in the area.  The office is supported by a team of skilled professionals and locally recruited staff.

Welcome again,
H. Ricardo G. Treco
Consul General